a free online children’s bedtime story about a teddy bear. This teddy bear fairy tale for children is a great story before bed and tells the story of an unstuffed bear gets lost in a factory at night and earns his stuffing. Enjoy the whimsical illustrations in this free online children’s book as you follow stuft the unstuffed bear as he searches through the factory at night for stuffing to make him complete.  This teddy bear bedtime story for kids is available online for free, or in print for $9.99 at theunstuffedbear.com, or at amazon, barnes and noble and other children’s book retail stores. Follow this little unstuffed bear on facebook (the unstuffed bear) or twitter (unstuffedbear) to get updates from the Stuft, see new story book illustrations for children and adults, or read other children’s bedtime books, like the unprincess fairytale and other free online stories for kids. If you’re searching for teddy bear stories to read, try reading the unstuffed bear.  you can find the unstuffed bear by searching for the unstuffed bear, the unstuffed bear or teddy bear children’s stories,  or try searching on children’s books and stories, using keyword: UNSTUFFED BEAR

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